"The Power of Change"

September 29th – October 4th In the deep forest of Odenwald, Germany with colleagues from yellow yoga, Eric Leclerc and Orsola Carraro

The ancient teachings of yoga tell us that nothing is permanent except for change. Yet they also tell us that there is an infinite and eternal part of ourselves that is unchanging and that our connection to that is the key to happiness. As summer transitions into autumn, this retreat will explore how yoga can help us maintain equanimity through internal and external shifts while also supporting proactive personal growth. Through asana, breath work, meditation, and philosophy talks, we will take time to explore and embrace the many paradoxes of yoga – for example cultivating acceptance and gratitude for the ways things are, meanwhile enabling transformation of body, mind and spirit – how might our personal yoga practice evolve over time and yet be an anchor of stability in an ever changing world?

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