My Approach

I see the body as a portal to an expanded awareness, which can be opened through the power of yogic postures, breath work and meditation. When your energy circulates freely, and the mind relaxes, health and presence emerge naturally. I give attention to creating a well-rounded class, built upon a central theme, and tending not only to the physical, but also feeding the soul with timeless insights from yoga philosophy. My instructions are clear and down to earth, so that you can integrate what you experience into your own practice and everyday life. The word yoga means “to unify”. It is important to me that the practice grounds you into the present moment, and helps you to sense your interconnectedness with nature and Spirit. I offer a variety of styles that illuminate and support different aspects of your multi-faceted being.

Shiva Shakti Yoga

Shiva Shakti Yoga is an energetic and joyful approach to practising yoga. It celebrates the fullness of life, through the wonder and experience of your breath and physicality. This yoga is tantric in the sense that the yogi is considered a microcosm within the network of a divine macrocosm. Contemplation upon this connection is a focal point, as well as a source of fresh energy and inspiration. Duality is recognised and polarities are embraced. The male aspect of creation is represented by Shiva: the muscular, mental and rational. Shakti, the female aspect, is expansive, intuitive and organic. This practice continually pulls your attention to these forces within, fusing them, balancing them in a conscious and active way. It is well rounded, including dynamic flow sequences, clear alignment principles, standing and seated asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Each class highlights a philosophical theme in yoga, unfolding it in a clear and tangible way. I enjoy sharing and leading this practice, which I see as a journey from body to Spirit. This approach to yoga was created by Yogacharya Ananda Leone, my mentor with whom I studied with at the Yoga Akademie Berlin.

What to expect…
You will focus, you will move, you will be challenged, you will be nurtured, you will deepen and understand more subtle aspects of yoga and Self.

Vinyasa Yoga / Yoga Flow

A Vinyasa Yoga/ Yoga Flow class is a dynamic practice that synchronises movement directly with the flow of breath. This impulse becomes a source of rhythm that moves you in and out of the yogic postures in a conscious and fluid way. A thorough warm-up evolves into sequences that wake up strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. Clear alignment tips encourage stability in the practice, while cultivating a mindful approach to movement and self-awareness. It is a physical meditation that can be a powerful experience of the present moment.

What to expect…
You will breathe, you will flow, your mind and body will soften, you will feel balanced, awake and present.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet, practice. A selected sequence of yogic postures are held for longer periods of time, usually low and close to the earth. Gravity and time become important tools that open the dense connective tissues around the muscles and joint sites, hydrating and ultimately re-strengthening these refreshed tissues. Each yogic posture stimulates channels of “Qi”, supporting even circulation of energy throughout the body, somewhat like acupuncture. Yin Yoga encourages receptivity, observation and reflection and is calming to the nervous system. You are invited to witness the inner fluctuations of bodily sensations, thoughts and emotions. This practice is a wonderful balance to more active forms of exercise or yoga.

What to expect…
Your body will expand. You will quiet down, becoming neutral and receptive. You will feel an even circulation of energy throughout your body.

Core Yoga

Core Yoga focuses on essential alignment principles and explores how your center, your core, supports the asanas and transitions in yoga. The class begins by pulling attention into the abdominal and pelvic floor area through simple, deep movement and breath. This experience can then be taken into the flow segment of the class, where there is space to experiment with this awakened tool. The practice is slow and intense as you wake up physical strength and stability, mental clarity, and a feeling of well-being and ease while in flow. This strong focus grows concentration, presence and an understanding of what it means to be in the core of yoga. Good for beginners as well as experienced yogis who want to fine-tune their practice.

What to expect…
You will focus and align yourself, you will be challenged and heated, you will feel clear and centered.

Private Yoga Coaching

Are you interested in deepening your yoga practice with me through a private lesson? Do you have specific questions that need clarity? Would you like a practice tailored to your specific needs? Live or Online? I would be happy to guide you.

If you are interested, please contact me for rates and details: