Backbending for Flexible Minds and Stiff Spines – Workshop on January 24th

„Backbending for Flexible Minds and Stiff Spines“

January 24th, 2021
11:00–14:00 in Yoga Sky
In Studio and Online
This in depth 3 hour workshop focuses on how to lovingly access more space within your body for safe and gentle backbending. The spirit of “Ahimsa”, non-harming, guides you through a fluid vinyasa sequence, softening and stabilising the lower back and shoulder region. This preparation readies you for the dynamic and courageous action of opening the heart. The use of props such as blocks, bolsters and chairs support this process, encouraging listening, patience and relaxation as you unfold. Effortlessly, your breath then begins to fill not only your chest, but your whole being with more Prana: vital life energy. The practice will round out with a meditation on Anahata Cakra, the seat of your unconditional love and enthusiasm. In the midst of winter, backbending can be an uplifting and healing practice during the darkest weeks of the year, appropriate for these challenging times.
registration: same as other Yoga Sky workshops…

Sound and Silence, Growing with Yin Yoga Workshop March 13th, 2021

Sound and Silence: Growing with Yin
March 13th, 2021, 13:30–16:30 in Yoga Sky
This workshop utilizes the quiet power of Yin Yoga, Yin Meditation and Yoga Nidra to support inner growth. It helps you to root growth’s tender, meandering movement deep into the stable, fertile ground of your being. Created live, subtle layers of sound, mixed with phases of silence, gently merge you into deeper states of consciousness, nourishing your intentions and visions.
In Yin Yoga, a selected sequence of yogic postures are held for longer periods of time, usually low and close to the earth. Its use of gravity and time dissolve physical stagnations, opens deep connective tissue, stimulates an even circulation of energy and calms the nervous system…a perfect physical preparation for meditation.
You are then guided into a “Yin” meditation, a receptive space where you become witness to the inner fluctuations of bodily sensations, thoughts and emotions moving within. A short period of reflective journaling follows, bringing you closer to the essence of what you are growing.
This process will conclude with a Yoga Nidra session accompanied by live music. Yoga Nidra is a a form of dynamic sleep, meaning that you are deeply relaxed but aware. This state can be a powerful, fertile place in which to plant a wish, like a seed, into your subconscious, supporting its manifestation.
This workshop takes place in spring, in complete synchronisation with nature. Its an ideal time to invest love and care into growing what your heart desires. 
** Wear Warm clothing
** Bring a journal or paper and a pen with you to the workshop, a yoga mat, and a large, clean towel. If you own yoga blocks, please bring them with you as well.
*** Its very important that you wake up slowly after the Yoga Nidra session, do not plan on going outside, or engaging in another meeting or task until 30 minutes afterward. Tea and snacks will be provided for you.